Bitcoin ATM starts shooting out notes at busy station; onlookers surprised

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a bitcoin machine started shooting out currencies of 20 pound at a London metro station. A video of this crazy sight has been going viral on the social media, after it surfaced on Reddit.

The incident took place at London’s Bond Street tube station.

Security guards can be seen covering the ATM as the machine continues to spit out money, while a man can be seen collecting the money.

People passing by looked at the scene in amazement as dozens of £20 notes spill down into around a bag. Another man who is apparently somewhat embarrassed can be seen collecting the notes, being spilled by the machine.

“The footage sparked many to speculate the machine had been hit by a ‘jackpotting’ bug – which can make individual machines spit out money willy-nilly”, The Sun reported.

However, the Polish company which owns machine insists one of its customers was actually just withdrawing a bumper amount when notes started spilling everywhere, it said.

Watch here:

Bond Street Bitcoin ATM spitting out tons of money! from r/Bitcoin