Air India London-Mumbai flight delayed for 2 days, passengers stranded at Heathrow airport

Nearly 300 passengers of an Air India flight have been stranded in London for two days now after their aircraft developed a technical glitch that is yet to be fixed. The flight — AI130 — was scheduled to depart London’s Heathrow Airport at 1:15 pm, local time on Tuesday, May 28. As of last updating this airport, the flight was yet to take off, with Air India saying this morning that it would likely depart at 2 pm, local time today.

Passengers have complained on Twitter that Air India has not been providing timely and proper updates about the flight’s departure.

Some also complained that after over a day’s delay in departure, passengers were made to go through the entire process of checking-in and walking up to the departure gate only to be told that Air India Flight 130 had been rescheduled once again.

This was borne out on Air India’s Twitter feed — late night on Wednesday, Air India tweeted that AI130 had been rescheduled to 10 pm local time on Wednesday (2:30 am, Thursday IST.

However, this morning Air India tweeted that the plane being used for the March 28 AI130 service was still broken down. “All efforts are being done to rectify the technical glitch,” Air India said, adding that the revised expected time of departure was now 2 pm Thursday, local time.

For the passengers, it has been a nightmarish experience. What made matters worse was that the May 29 AI 130 service too got delayed by around eight hours. For those eight hours, Air India had around 600 unhappy, stranded passengers to deal with.

And going by Twitter accounts, the airline had a tough time managing the passengers. Sanchia deSouza, a columnist for the Mumbai tabloid Mumbai Mirror, tweeted that Air India deputed just two staff members to deal with the 600 passengers.

Instalocate, an online service that helps aggrieved passengers claim compensation from airlines, posted a video showing passengers arguing with staff at the Heathrow airport.

According to the Twitter accounts, passengers were accommodated at hotels on the two days the flight was delayed. However, on the second day, they were called to the airport and made to go all the way to the departure gate, only to be told that the flight had been rescheduled again.