Watch: School officials across the US are announcing cancelled days via popular songs

With freezing temperatures sweeping several states in the US, schools announced that students would be given days off. But some school administrators are taking their snow day announcements to the next level by adding music and dance.

Superintendent Ben Mainka and principal Jim Kitchen of Swartz Creek High School in Michigan went viral when they passed on the information to parents via YouTube and broke into song in the middle of the video. The duo donned sunglasses and launched into a rewritten version of Leonard Cohen’s iconic Hallelujah. As it turned out, they could carry a tune quite well.

Not just Mainka and Kitchen, but also several other school officials have adopted similar methods. Brett Hoesing, the superintendent in Missouri Valley, Iowa made several such musical announcements, including a rendition of Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk.

Over in Illinois, Cary-Grove High School principal Neil Lesinski’s children accompanied him for a version of Vanilla Ice’s iconic 1990 hit Ice Ice Baby.