Strange looking insect-like creatures puzzle social media, leave people guessing

In an episode that left New Zealand resident Tim Clerke puzzled, his mother discovered several unfamiliar looking creatures lying on the kitchen floor of their Auckland home. 

After the finding Clerke took to social media platform Facebook and posted a video of the creatures asking if anyone knew about the creatures. He added that one of the several creatures “is still alive”.

“My mother found these on the kitchen floor this morning. One is still alive. Anyone know what they are?” asked Clerke.

In the video posted, a hand holds several minuscule insects resembling a cross between a rat and a bat. The leg or tail of one of the creature could be seen twitching while all the other creatures appeared dead.

Facebook users came up with several guesses trying to ascertain the identity of the creature. Though the video garnered almost 5k views but there was no conclusive answer.

The actual identity of the creatures is yet to be confirmed.