Scribes zero in on flat but find it empty

London: At the core of the interrogation of Robert Vadra are his alleged overseas assets. These include nine London-based properties, three of these villas, the rest luxury flats — all allegedly purchased by Vadra between 2005 and 2010. India Today TV reached the Bryanston Square in London to inquire about Vadra’s alleged flat and what it means to own a flat in that area.

It was found that the 12 Ellerton House, which the ED claims is that of Vadra, is owned by a family, but is lying vacant. A flat in this area, which cost Rs 10 crore in 2001, may now cost anywhere between Rs 23-25 crore. If one wants to rent a flat in the area, it may cost approximately Rs 1 lakh a week.

The area of the flats varies from about 1,000 sq feet to 1,200 sq feet. The flat is located in a very posh, expensive and sought-after locality, the India reports. Also under the scanner is Vadra’s alleged link to absconding arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari.