Karl Marx’s tomb in Londonvandalised in ‘hammer’ attack

The tomb of Karl Marx at London’s Highgate Cemetery has been vandalisedin a suspected hammer attack.

Marx’s original 1883 gravestone, which was incorporated into the monument in 1954, was permanently damaged. The tomb, which is a Grade-I listed monument and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world every year, now stands with a damaged marble plaque carrying the German thinker’s name.

Thoughthe cost of the damage is yet to be estimated, the cemetery authorities confirmed over Twitter that they will beginrepair efforts soon.

“Karl Marx’s memorial has been vandalised! It looks like someone has had a go at it with a hammer. It’s a Grade I-listed monument; this is no way to treat our heritage. @MarxLibrary @HeritageCrime We will repair as far as possible,” the Tweet read.

Police officers told media that CCTV footage at the cemetery had given no leads. The caretakers at the cemetery are not sure when the attack occurred. The damage was discovered on Monday.

However, Ian Dungavel, chief of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust, suspects that the attack took place in the evening when there are fewer visitors due to the chilly weather.

Condemning the incident, he told media that the brutal nature of the attack proved that it was a targeted act. He said the gravestone with Marx’s name on it was hit again and again.

“If it is someone who is rabidly anti-Marxist they could do a lot better trying to change people’s opinion rather than just smashing up the monument. That is not going to win any sympathy to the anti-Marxist cause,” The Guardian reported him as saying.

German philosopher, thinker and economist Karl Marx, who is the co-author of the “Communist Manifesto”, was born on May 5, 1818.

He arrived in London in 1849 and spent the rest of his life writing his magnum opus “Das Kapital” and many other works. He lived a humble life, supported by his friend Friedrich Engels. Marx died in 1883 at the age of 63 and was originally buried beside his wifeJenny.